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Thickness: +/- 27cm Viscoelastic gel + supersoft foam: 5cm Anti StressSystem Pro® Multi Care System: 12 resting areas

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ROYAL CLASS MULTIZONE GEL MATTRESS The Royal Class Multizone Gel Mattress is a high-end mattress, designed with the most advanced technology using the most innovative material available in the market viscoelastic gel. It has 12 resting areas without any pressure points, thus minimizing nocturnal movements and achieving that much wanted cloud effect. This mattress is multi-layered and has been hand-sewn cover to cover, and with an eye for detail, to offer optimal comfort and rest. It has special padding made of viscoelastic gel, which is used in the most advanced paddings of mattresses and other sleep systems. This material is highly adaptable and reduces the pressure points during rest, ensuring a more healing rest and therefore produces the sensation of a more pleasant rest. The combined system of the viscoelastic gel and the supersoft layers, make the bodys pressure points expand and spread out achieving an excellent rest. The stretch material used for its manufacturing is hyper conductive, capable of eliminating large doses of thermal flux, achieving a perfect rest with no temperature accumulation. It is also a great conductor of electricity, which reduces the electrostatic charge produced by the bodys friction. The core is of high density and made of open cells achieving maximum perspiration. Its 100% antibacterial, inhibiting viruses and bacteria surviving in the mattress, and it also reduces the bad smell caused by decomposing bacteria in the mattress. This mattress includes Duo-System technology, which provides two independent firmnesss for both sides of the mattress:Medium Firmness on side A and High Firmness on side B Technical specifications: Thickness: +/- 27cm Viscoelastic gel + supersoft foam: 5cm Anti StressSystem Pro® Multi Care System: 12 resting areas Duo System Firmness H2-H3 Medium Firmness side A High Firmness side B Good adaptability and ergonomic High-end comfort High-density core Independence from bed frames 100% antibacterial SANITIZED Lumbar reinforcement Temperature is always ideal for its independent cover-to-cover system Reinforced sides Reinforced and sewn with high security Soft touch and great comfort Patented system Sanitized, antibacterial, antifungal, antimites, allergy proof, antistatic and anatomical Maximum perspiration Humidity proof Stretch material High durability: up to 10 years of intense use OEKO-TEX® certified European Certification CETEM Certified 100% satisfaction guarantee 5 years warranty Made in Spain

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