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Technical speci?cations: Thickness: +/- 28 cm Viscoelastic + SuperSoft Foam: 6 cm Bagged Springs in pockets Flow Bagged Springs Anti humidity system 12 Rest Areas Sanitized treatment, anti-mite, anti-allergic and antibacterial. Thermo regulable Dimensionally stable Anatomical and ergonomic Lumbar reinforcement Sensation Spa Long durability Quality systemOEKO-TEX®Europe certificate CETEM certificate 100% satisfaction guaranteed 5 years warrantyMade in Spain

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MATTRESS HEXAPLUS BAGGED SPRINGSThe Hexaplus Bagged Springs mattress is a pocket Bagged Springs mattress that is distinguished primarily by the fact that each Bagged Springs is inside its own fabric pocket, which reduces friction between the Bagged Springs and contributes to excellent comfort. They represent an evolution in relaxation and rest.When each Bagged Springs is protected by its pocket or bag, friction between them is avoided. This, in addition to avoiding annoying noise produced by the Bagged Springs during friction, protects them and they last longer in perfect conditions.Pocket Bagged Springs mattresses provide complete independence from the beds. When your partner moves, you will not notice it on your side of the bed. As each Bagged Springs is individually wrapped, only the ones you are on are activated, they are not all activated en bloc.In total 225 independent Bagged Springs / m2 that give a personalized adaptability to each area of the mattress.The strength of the mattress will depend on the time you want to devote to rest. Bagged Springs mattresses will always offer more durability and results than a foam mattress. The Bagged Springs are porous and can be adapted to any type of temperature without causing inconveniences related to humidity.A big advantage of Bagged Springs mattresses in general is their high degree of breathability. Air circulates through the Bagged Springs, making these mattresses the ideal choice for those who are sensitive to heat or have problems with night sweats. The evacuation of moisture occurs quickly, thus avoiding the proliferation of fungi.Because this type of mattress has multiple Bagged Springs along its length, the quality of sleep improves, because these Bagged Springs are individually compressed to the depth needed to cushion and support the exact part where the body is located.Each Hexaplus Bagged Springs mattress cover has been made and designed independently achieving maximum volume and correct distribution of pressure so it does not exert pressure points on the 12 rest areas and minimizes night movements achieving a restful sleep.

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