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Total thickness: +/- 28 cm


Topper thickness: +/- 4 cm


Viscoelastic + SuperSoft Foam + todotherm fibers: 7 cm


Pression Care System: 12 Multizone Resting System


Non-deformable, anatomical and ergonomic: better posture, less pain.


Facilitates the correct position of the spine.


Sanitized, anti-mite, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial treatment.


FlowSpring anti-humidity system: thermoregulable.


Long durability 10 years


Quality system


OEKO-TEX® Certificate


European Certification


CETEM® Certificate


100% satisfaction guarantee


20 years warranty


Manufactured in Spain


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With our GRAND PREMIER Topper mattress you will enjoy a full rest, thanks to the cloud effect achieved with its 4 cm topper made of viscoft and biotherm fibers.


The toppers add extra softness to the GRAND PREMIER Topper mattress and will provide your body with incredible comfort with a snug fit and firm support.


For a restful night's sleep: The cashmere-like fabric topper offers a soothing and relaxing effect.

For a 5 star hotel feeling.


Pressure point relief: The slow recovery function of the viscoelastic allows the mattress to evenly distribute your body weight when you lie down. This allows it to conform perfectly to the shape of your body. It relieves pressure points in joints such as shoulders, hips, lower back and knees.


In short, it is a comfortable mattress that allows you to enjoy a comfortable and deep sleep.