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*Features: -Thickness: +/- 21 cm -Viscosoft: 2cm -System Sanitized against fungi, mites and bacteria -Anti humidity -Excellent ventilation -Term adjustable -No deformable -Weights Independence -Great adaptability -Ergonomic -High durability -OEKO-TEX® Certified -European Certification -CETEM Certified -100% satisfaction guaranteed -Guarantee: 5 years Made in Spain

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BAMBOO MEMORY NATURE MATTRESS The Bamboo Memory Nature mattress provides a total antistress rest thanks to the fact that it does not have pressure points favoring a great adaptability. This product is characterized by being ecological, which guarantees that the components of the product are not harmful to health and that the manufacturing process is respectful with the environment. The viscosoft material is a great conductor of electricity so it reduces the electrostatic charge of the body that is produced by the accumulated friction, this helps to reach the REM phase of the dream and lengthening it producing an excellent rest. In addition the strech material used for its manufacture is hyperconductive, it is able to eliminate large doses of thermal flow, achieving a rest without accumulation of temperature. It is also a great conductor of electricity so it reduces the electrostatic charge of the body produced by friction. It is 100% antibacterial, viruses and bacteria can not survive in it and reduces odors that occur when bacteria break down in the mattress. This mattress has Duo-System technology which provides two independent strengths for each face: Medium firmness on face A and Strong firmness on face B In this way it is suitable for any need, guaranteeing maximum user satisfaction. High durability: guarantees that it will maintain all its characteristics during 10 years of intensive use.

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