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*Technical speci?cations: Thickness: +/- 30cm Viscoelastic + Super Soft Foam + Natural Fibers: 5 cm 12 rest areas Firmness DuoSystem H2-H3: Firmness Face A Medium and Firm Face B High Good adaptability and ergonomic High degree of comfort High density HR core: its microcellular structure with open pores allows free air circulation and maximum breathability. HR High Density Core 

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MATTRESS CASHMERE IMPERIAL MULTIZONE The Cashmere Imperial Multizone mattress is ideal for those who want everything: great adaptability and comfort. Composed of high strength foam and reinforced to withstand signi?cant weight, even while sitting on it. It is a premium mattress that has a uniform design in its quilting for maximum comfort during the rest. The ?rst ?exible and adaptable contact, thanks to Viscoelastic located ?rst, and a great progressivity due to the combination of different foams with high resistance. The mattress is made with a high density HR core that ensures the firmness of the mattress, which, combined with the Viscoelastic layer, provides a "cloud effect" and a comfortable rest perfectly adapted to the shapes of your body. This mattress features DuoSystem technology that provides two independent firmnesses for each side: Medium firmness for side A and high firmness for side B Thus, it is adapted to all needs, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of the user. High durability: warranty that it will retain all its characteristics for 10 years of intensive use.

High durability: up to 10 years with intensive use Air-Fresh system: double upper layer guaranteeing a regulated temperature AirSense system: comfortable and adaptable Anti Stress Pro® System Independence of the beds 100% antibacterial SANITIZED Breathable Anti-humidity OEKO-TEX® Europe certificate CETEM certificate 100% satisfaction guaranteed 5 years warranty

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