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Thickness: +/- 27  cm                            

Viscoelastic + ViscosoftFoam + Biotherm Fibers: 5 cm

Pressure CareSystem: 12 multizonerest

DuoSystem H2-H3 Firmness: Medium Firmness Side-A and High Firmness on Side-B

Total bed independence: Totally unstatic

Cloud effect

Super high comfortdensity foam core

Lower padding in Stretch 3D fabric  that promotes ventilation

AirSense System: Comfortable and Adaptable

Sanitized anti fungal, anti-mites and antibacterial system for a hygienic rest

Padding with hypoallergenic Biotherm fibers

Reinforced perimeter, special safety sewn for better compactness

Anatomical and ergonomic

Long durability

Quality system


European certification

CETEM Certificate

100% satisfaction guaranteed

20 Year Warranty

Made in Spain

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The Chronus Multizone mattress has 12 rest areas to avoid pressure points all created to ensure a restful environment, providing the feeling of being on vacation in an exotic country.

The  Chronus Multizone mattress is a padding that is notable for its high quality and maximum comfort. It provides the cloud effect and shapes to the body making you feel welcome.

For a 5 star hotel feeling.

It is a 5 cm thick multilayer system composed of viscoelastic, SuperSoft Foam and Biotherm fibers which eliminates pressure points.You will wake up every morning feeling like you just enjoyed a stay in a 5 star hotel.

This mattress features Duo-System technology which includes two independent firmnesses on each side:

Medium firmness on side-A and High Firmness on the side-B