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Thickness: +/- 30 cm

Gel Viscoelastic + SuperSoft Foam + Todotherm Fibers: 11 cm

252 bagged springs/m2

Pression Care System:13 zones Rest

Undeformable, anatomical and ergonomic: Lumbar reinforcement, better posture, less pain.

Sanitized treatment, anti-mite, anti-allergic and anti-bacterial.

FlowSpring Damp-proofing System: Thermally Adjustable

Long durability 10 years

Quality system

OEKO-TEX® certification

European Certification

CETEM Certificate

100% satisfaction guarantee

Warranty 20 years

Made in Spain

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EXCELLENT COMFORT OF THE BAGGED SPRINGS: 252 bagged springs/m2 that    provide a personalized adaptability to each area of the mattress. Each bagged spring acts independently achieving the perfect balance.


RECOMMENDED FOR PEOPLE WITH OVERWEIGHT OR LUMBAR DOLLENCES: its high spring composition allows the column to decline into its natural position. Therefore, it is especially recommended for those people who suffer from lumbar, muscular or joint pain. Furthermore, at no time will you appreciate the movements of the person sleeping with you. It is recommended for people who are overweight or have a great difference in weight with the person you are sleeping with.

HIGH TRANSPIRATION: The springs allow air to circulate through them. Therefore it is the ideal choice for people who are hot or have problems with night sweats. The         evacuation of humidity occurs quickly, thus preventing the proliferation of fungus and   moisture.

GEL VISCOELASTIC: its comfort system with 11 cm of gel viscoelastic, supersoft and   todotherm fibers, provides a progressive and gradual reception. This system provides   excellent adaptability that balances and accommodates any sleeping position.


PRESSURE CARE SYSTEM: 13 zones total rest without pressure points, facilitating the achievement of a great adaptability.

HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: High quality fabric Cover-cover, ultra-breathable with     OEKO-TEX® certificate, European Certification and CETEM Certificate.


Double-sided DUO-SYSTEM® TECHNOLOGY, allows you to choose the consistency you want at any time. With this model of mattress you can select the rigidity you need: Medium on one side and high on the other.

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