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Technical speci?cations: Thickness: +/- 27cm Viscolastic Gel + Supersoft Foam + BioTherm: 4 cm 9 Rest areas Firmness DuoSystem H2-H3: Firmness Side A Medium and Firmness Side B High Sanitized anti-fungal, anti-mite and antibacterial system for hygienic rest Antiallergic, anti-static, electro-biological and anatomical Reinforced perimeter, special safety seams for better compactness Total independence of the beds Fully antistaticAnatomical and ergonomicAirSense system: comfortable and adaptable Strech 3D fabric Lumbar reinforcement Long durability Quality systemOEKO-TEX®Europe certificate CETEM certificate 100% satisfaction guaranteed5 years warranty Made in Spain

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The MULTICARE ACTION GEL mattress is a combination of viscoelastic gel and supersoft, which provides a cloud effect for a complete rest. Therefore, with the MULTICARE ACTION GEL mattress, relaxation is optimal. So, it is excellent in order to stay focused and organized during the day.Healthy rest: Its foam is designed to adapt to your body weight and your position, following the curves of your ?gure and avoiding the appearance of pressure points, it offers the best comfort for a total rest. In addition, because of its features, this model is recommended for both adults and seniors. Its viscoelastic gel composition and H.R. core makes this mattress suitable for people with low back, muscular or joint diseases. The properties of the visco reduce the pressure points to promote a complete.Customizable adaptability and comfort: Duo-System double-sided technology allows you to choose the desired ?rmness at any time. With the MULTICARE ACTION GEL Mattress, you can choose the ?rmness you need: Average on one side and High on the other.

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