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The Royal Exclusive Foam mattress has a  Pressure Care System with a 12 rest zones of total rest and antistress, eliminates  pressure points and is very invitingwith adaptability.

It features the Viscosoft which is  next-generation material used in high-end mattresses.It has a Thermo Regulator effect which  eliminates large doses of thermal flow, achieving rest without temperature accumulation.

This mattress features a system of rest made layer-by-layer for a Cloud effect while  you sleep.In  addition The  H.R coreand it’s excellent support, provide a comfortable adaptable environment without sinking.

Recommended for anyone needing a big welcome and the PressureCare System.It facilitates the elimination of overloads caused by poor postures or stress accumulation.

This mattress features Duo-System technology that provides two independent firmnesses on each side:

Medium firmness on side-A and High Firmness side-B

Technical specifications:

Thickness: +/- 27cm                                    

SupersoftFoam + fibras  BioTherm : 6 cm

Pressure Care System: 12 rest zones

Air Sense System: Comfortable and Adaptable

DuoSystem H2-H3 Firmness: Medium Firmness on Side-A and High Firmness on Side-B

Total independence of beds

Totally unstatic

4 handle system,  2  of them exclusively embroidered, to improve the handling of the mattress.

Sanitized antifungal, anti-mit and antibacterial system for a hygienic rest

Anti-allergic, anti-static, electrologic and anatomical

Anatomical and ergonomic

100% breathable and anti-humidity.

Long durability

Quality system


European certification

CETEM Certificate

100% satisfaction guaranteed

20 Year Warranty

Made in Spain