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Thickness: +/- 30cm


Viscoelastic + Viscosoft + Biotherm fibres 


Pressure Care System : 10 Multi-zone system


AirSense System: Comfortable and Adaptable


Reinforced perimeter, special safety stitching for better density


Total sleep independence: you will not notice the night-time movements of the person you are sleeping with.


Fully antistatic


Anatomical and ergonomic


Sanitised anti-fungal, anti-mite and anti-bacterial system for optimal sleep hygiene.


100% breathable and anti-moisture.


High durability.


Quality system




European certification


100% satisfaction guarantee


20 year Guarantee


Made in Spain


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The Air Max orthopaedic Multizone mattress is an orthopaedic mattress that improves the quality of sleep and promotes muscle recovery while resting.


It has 10 comfort zones, achieving a perfect weight distribution, which provides optimal adaptability without pressure points.


Pressure Care System: It has a multilayer system composed of viscoelastic, Viscosoft and Biotherm fibres. The combination of these three materials ensures adaptable support, welcoming an enhanced rest.


This mattress represents a perfect combination of firmness and comfort, designed to meet your needs for comfort and relaxation.


Recommended for people looking to invest in health and muscle relaxation. Helps to maintain proper position of the spine.


Customised adaptability and comfort: The double-sided Duo-System® technology allows you to choose the firmness to suit your needs. You can select the stiffness you require: Medium on one side and High on the other.