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Thickness: +/- 27 cm.       


Viscoelastic + Viscosoft + Biotherm fibres : 5 cm.


Pressure Care System : 5 zones system.


AirSense System: Comfortable and Adaptable.


Superior adaptability thanks to viscoelastic foam.


4 vertical handles that facilitate the grip for changing positions and installation of the mattress.


Total sleep independence.


Fully antistatic.


Anatomical and ergonomic.


Sanitised anti-fungal, anti-mite and anti-bacterial system for a hygienic rest.


100% breathable and anti-moisture.


High durability.


Quality system.




European certification.


100% satisfaction guarantee.


20 year Warranty


Made in Spain.


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The Orthopaedic Multizone mattress is an orthopaedic mattress that improves the quality of sleep and promotes muscle recovery while resting.


It has separate, ergonomically adapted sleeping zones for the head, neck, shoulders, lumbar region and pelvis. The symmetrical structure of the Orthopaedic Multizone mattress guarantees comfort when lying down and supports the correct alignment of the spine.


Each zone consists of a different number of ergonomic modules, which ensure specific support for the respective body part, both under the pelvis and in the thigh, leg and foot areas.


The latest generation of viscoelastic foam gives the Orthopaedic Multizone mattress superior elasticity and comfort, thus adapting to all body types.


It has a high-density foam core that provides perfect support.


Thanks to its independent-sleep feature, the night-time movements of the person you are sleeping with have minimal impact.


Recommended for those seeking relief from muscle and joint pain. It is an investment in health and well-being.