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Technical speci?cations:Thickness: +/- 25 Cm Supersoft Foam : 4,5 cm Anti StressSytem Pro® Multi Pressure System: 12 Zones Firmness DuoSystem H2-H3:Side A medium ?rmness B side high ?rmnessGood adaptability and ergonomic High degree of comfort High density HR Pro core Independence of the beds 100% antibacterial SANITIZED Sewing Top - Top technique Breathable Anti-humidity Stretch fabric High durability: up to 10 years with intensive use Ionizing effect Lumbar reinforcement Quality system OEKO-TEX® Europe certificate CETEM certificate ECOPUR 100% satisfaction guaranteed 5 years warranty Made in Spain

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The mattress Elegance Comfort Gel has 12 zones of total anti-stress rest thanks to the fact that it does not have points of pressure favoring a great adaptability.It is crafted from SuperSoft Ultra Rest Foam, a latest generation material that is used in premium mattresses. It is a hyperconductive material and capable of eliminating large doses of heat ?ow, obtaining a rest without temperature accumulation.Sanitized anti-mite treatment, anti-allergic and antibacterial.It has viscoelastic gel that provides a Thermo Regulator effect.This mattress has a rest system created layer by layer independently to achieve a cloud effect while you sleep.Each Elegance Comfort Gel mattress cover has been made and designed independently achieving maximum volume and correct distribution of pressure so it does not exert pressure points on the 12 rest areas and minimizes night movements achieving a restful sleep.Top cover in stretch fabric with a high grammage padded with hypoallergenic and extra-soft virgin ?bers.This mattress has Duo-System technology that provides two independent ?rmnesses for each face:Medium ?rmness on side A and ?rmness on side BIn this way, it is adapted to all needs, guaranteeing the maximum satisfaction of the user. High durability: guarantees that it will retain all its characteristics for 10 years of intensive use. The core and its excellent support provide a comfortable ?t without sagging. Great ergonomics at rest, its composition will offer you a comfortable home. Top - Top technique hand sewn with high quality thread.

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